Bricks-and-mortar (the future of)

Over the last few years we have seen a steady decline of department stores throughout the UK. At the same time, many brands have reinvented their approach to traditional bricks-and-mortar.

Here’s what’s been happening and what we’ve been doing for our partners.

New formats

Some brands like B&Q have opened smaller formats and IKEA are trialing pickup-points, both respectively in city centres. BUILT/ have completely redesigned the format for builders and have launched their first branch drive-thru experience – something we had a very large hand in designing with them.

These brands share the push for efficiency, developing formats that display their entire range in much smaller spaces. All of these stores offer an improved customer experience and we will see more and more brands following suit over the coming year.

Digital ticketing design for three.

Digital impetus

Brands around the world are pushing their digital content into their stores. McDonalds have created industry leading kiosks where customers can order their meal in a matter of minutes without ever having to queue at the till. JD Sports stores are enhanced with digital displays and kiosks at every turn.

Five years had passed since three had launched their ground breaking store format and their digital ticket experience had starting to feel tired. We partnered with Scoop Retail to deliver a new digital ticket tool for three. Our focus was creating a rich experience where users can discover pricing content that is clear, visible and dynamic. A perfect blend of customer experience and physical-digital integration.

Enhanced experience

The future of bricks-and-mortar will utilise technology to craft remarkable brand experiences. Cashierless, no check-out line experience as seen with Amazon Go pushes the boundaries of machine learning and computer vision, creating a convenient and seamless shopping experience for customers.

Mobile apps will enhance the physical search and browse experience within stores through augmented reality and mixed reality. Mobile payments will become even more important: brands that have this at the heart of their mobile strategy will deliver exemplary customer experiences.


If customers believe that bricks-and-mortar offer greater convenience and efficiency, they’ll shop there and become loyal fans for years to come. These three points are only a few of the many possible ways to enhance your physical experience. Speak with us to find out how we can support your brand in making the leap to enhanced bricks-and-mortar experiences.

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