Branding: it’s all about the experience

Branding, it’s more than just a logo, some carefully crafted words and nice visuals. Delve deeper and we find a set of values, defined by a vision, mission and a brand’s purpose. But what’s next for branding?

In reality, branding is a beast far greater and awe-inspiring than what it looks like. Brands now focus more on how their employees interact with their customers and the engagement they earn from it. Experience is more integral to a brand than most realise. By developing and implementing strategies, you can service your customer’s needs better than ever before.

Amazon’s focus on branding

Amazon continuously improve their customer experience and in return, build their brand equity. Customers choose Amazon over nearly every brand in the market: their branding focuses on time and effort which makes the difference.

Amazon Prime delivery improves their branding through customer experience.

Nearly all retailers offer online ordering and deliveries, yet Amazon differentiate their offering with services such as ‘1-Click’ ordering, same day delivery and Prime membership. Customers have grown to love and depend on these proprietary services. In turn, Amazon have gained a large control of the market and loyal fans for years to come.

Slow and steady visual finesse over the years means Amazon focus heavily on servicing the best customer experience possible. Amazon’s efforts on customer experience has thrusted impetus into the rise of the on-demand customer. They now have the leverage to bolster their branding visually, as seen with their Amazon Original videos.

Branding that focuses on time and effort

A successful customer experience generates revenue for your brand. Amazon aren’t the only brand that focus on time and effort: John Lewis, Argos and BUILT/ all do the same. These brands cut queues, streamline business processes and delight customers with services that compliment their products. This added value resonates across every touchpoint for their customers.

Many ecommerce websites offer click & collect. Customers can find products, check their availability, reserving collection times according to their needs. The long and laboured traditional experience where customers meet hurdles at every step has at long last been banished.

Cutting down the number of steps a customer has to take to successfully transact with a brand, doesn’t always equate to a faster experience. Moreover, an experience that flows seamlessly and provides customers with the required information at any set time, is an experience that makes the process faster.

The next steps for your branding

Time and effort is one of six core customer experience strategies a brand should hold dear when developing their branding. At Glue, we partner with brands to implement these strategies and more, creating customer experiences that build your brand’s equity.

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