The anatomy of your brand

There are 5 core steps to building a brand and a sequence in which they should follow to realise a successful brand.

The why of branding

Knowing your brand’s ultimate reason for being and why it will make a difference to the world is the essential first step of branding. By defining the overarching purpose of your brand you can create a projecting vision, an exciting mission statement and guiding values that differentiate your brand. Align vision, mission and values with your overall business strategy and purpose and you’ll be on your way to creating fans for years to come.

The who of branding

Understanding your audience enables your brand to adapt its speech to their level of understanding, attitudes and beliefs. By creating employee, customer and even partner personas, you can understand how their egocentrism relates to your brand and align you and everyone that touches your brand with your purpose. Knowing your competition also allows you to steer clear of uphill battles.

The what of branding

At this point, you can directly and subliminally communicate a company’s values and personality through compelling imagery and design style. Identifying your personality means you can craft your brand voice. From there, designing your new, evolved or even revolutionised identity makes way for defining typography, colour and imagery. Your sub brands, products or services ecosystem will start to look and sound more like your brand of the future.

The when of branding

Delivering the right experience with the right communication at the right time, is integral for building brand equity. You do this by mapping your employee and customer journeys, identifying the touch-points across your brand and craft the experiences your brand delivers. By accomplishing this, you manage your brand’s story flow and help you and them understand with much greater detail, why your brand does all of its wonderful things.

The how of branding

The final push of your visual brand impacts your audience and defines your overall brand experience they will come to love. Be sure to integrate your brand across every aspect of your business; this means your brand’s personality will shine across every single engagement, at every single step of their experience. At a safe point where your brand has been realised, finalise your brand design system and document your brand guidelines.


At Glue, we look at your brand not only from the inside out, but from the outside in. This gives you a fresh perspective that defines your business and your customer’s view of your brand. With offices at the Innovation Birmingham campus just outside Birmingham city centre, we can help your brand create, evolve or revolutionise its future self.

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