Marketing Launch

An offering so compelling there’s no alternative

Unlike what we’ve seen in a certain film, if you build it they won’t come. To make customers arrive, you need a solid plan and precise execution.



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Monthly campaigns that raised brand awareness

BUILT/ is a fixed price builders merchant and boast a powerful IT infrastructure. With complete understanding of their customer we were able to conduct precision marketing. Personalised, time and location sensitive activities gave them the edge. Consistent monthly collateral gave customers something to expect. We were the creative and production powerhouse that made it possible.

Email automation for every occasion

Monthly campaigns and reactive promotions were but only one of the opportunities. Using NetSuite’s email marketing software, Bronto, we put in place timely email automation. Every time customers interacted with BUILT/ an appropriate communication sent increased engagement. This maximised revenue opportunities. It also helped towards building a steady growth of customers. 

A catalogue that sits on every dashboard

With the decade long rise of digital many Silicon Valley hopefuls hedge that print is dead. We disagree and so did BUILT/’s customers. What a 600 page catalogue gives you is a sense of nostalgia. It gives you weight and memorability. It’s tactile and has charm an app, or mobile website can’t. BUILT/’s customers are often isolated away from signal, 4G and WiFi. The BUILT/ catalogue is the perfect offline companion to complete their daily tasks.

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