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Building a better builders warehouse from the ground up

BUILT/ is a modern-day builders merchant, unlike any other. Built from the ground up, we partnered with their leadership team to redefine the trade retail experience.

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Traditional builders merchants fail to deliver

The Travis Perkins group commands 26 brands that offer domestic and commercial products. Their focus is trade through to budding DIY enthusiasts. The recession of 2008 hit and many brands throughout every service industry changed. Unfortunately, this seismic change didn’t happen for builders merchants. Then BUILT/ was born.

Create a modern-day builders merchant, unlike any other

BUILT/ knew their audience. Who they were, what they want and how best to serve them. With no legacy systems or business processes in place there were many opportunities. BUILT/’s IT infrastructure complimented their operational aspirations for their branch format. It also boosted the digital offering, marrying the physical and digital. BUILT/, an omnichannel business, wanted their customers to buy across every channel. The opportunities were endless, although needed refinement.

BUILT/ partnered with NetSuite, the world’s leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. They control every aspect of their business: finance, inventory, supply chain and more. Real-time reporting and analytics gives them a single view of their business and customer.

Bring every aspect of BUILT/ together, through a partnership

The BUILT/ team had many ideas. The aim was to create a cohesive, game-changing brand across every channel. Our role was to connect the dots and grow an infant business into an industry leader. We gave guidance across propositions and direction as a whole. Playbacks to key stakeholders gained the investment and brought BUILT/ to life.

Relevant and consistent, modular design systems which add value

Working alongside every aspect of the BUILT/ team was key. Operational and strategic alignment meant we thrusted design thinking towards their goal. A circular process questioned the relevance and value of everything we did. Consistency was key. Nothing designed is out of place and has reason to be. A modular design system that works across every channel allows BUILT/ to thrive. That’s how you position a brand for a frictionless launch.

Marry the physical and the digital through design

The brand identity was created by Our Design Agency. Our role was to take this and grow the BUILT/ brand. The strap-line is ‘Building Supplies On Demand’ and this is experienced across every channel. No matter whether BUILT/’s audience interacts with them online, in branch or on the go, the experience is the same. BUILT/ is an organic brand. There are no surprises, only delights.

Glue have provided BUILT/ with a consistent brand across physical and digital environments and possessing such a degree of finish and maturity, that it feels much longer established than it is. An acute level of expertise and skill, a key partner with an outstanding work ethic and the utmost professionalism. 

Nick Thomas
Managing Director, BUILT/


Conversion rate through expert visualisations, concept work and full array of marketing materials across omnichannel purchase paths


Critical in creating an authentic and tangible vision for the business and consequently gaining initial funding approval

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