Brand discovery

Credible credit understanding

No one knows what to do with their financial health

The UK has a saturated financial and credit market full of unwavering dinosaurs. Many established finance and credit agencies don’t care to educate their customers. Consumers are more concerned with their physical health rather than their financial health. Many products focus at providing little at a cost.

Redefine what a credit score company is

CreditSwift have full access to the Equifax database. They have the know-how to push it in ways never thought of before. And they have a vision that bolsters their position to success. Everything is critically, creatively and technically built from the ground up. Lenders are flocking to be part of this exciting new venture. This was the perfect time to communicate the simple and create a human brand for the masses.

Stand apart from the credit services world

When the unexpected happens, customers need to make informed decisions fast. Many consumers choose financial products that are a poor match to them. More times than not, consumers end up declined by lenders without understanding why. If CreditSwift’s customers understand their credit, we’re onto a winner. Meaning the big question was, how can they make the existing model obsolete and gain fans in the process?

Free is crap: credible is where it’s at

We focussed our efforts during discovery on finding the sweet spot. What we found was space for a brand that speaks to its customer in plain black and white English. A brand that exists for something larger than itself. A brand that adds value with industry leading personalised data. A brand that is the perfect blend of human and machine. We focussed our efforts in positioning CreditSwift to empower their customers so they know what to do with their credit scores. We proposed to create everyone’s savvy credit partner.

Inspire by guiding them along their financial journeys

We identified that CreditSwift should aim for an attitude that is contagious and inspires action. An optimistic outlier that’s about setting goals and being results driven. A modern brand with a purpose. The customer and user experience should reflect this by being useful, fun and concise. The user interface clean and clear, coupled with optimistic and human illustrations. Digestible bites of content provide actionable insights at every turn. The future of the credit industry has never looked so incredible.

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