Multi-site launch

Design that makes customers’ healthcare easier

With Salmon, we paved way for Celesio to strengthen their digital brand architecture. Our main focus was a design system that adds value to their customers.



John Bell & Croydon

Prescription data and fulfilments are major hurdles

Celesio are a leading provider of integrated healthcare services to the NHS. They specialise in medicines, pharmaceutical care and primary care patient services. Celesio have the largest pharmaceutical network in the UK: LloydsPharmacy, AAH, John Bell & Croydon, Masta, Online Doctor, et al. With data concerns, the move to a more secure and forward-thinking platform commenced.

Convenient management of online healthcare

IBM’s WebSphere Commerce was the chosen platform for Celesio. It enables a responsive, multi-site approach. In-store Assisted Ordering creates a connected experience for their customers. Salmon scoped the development and user experience. Leaving the user interface down to us.

12 months; 6 websites; design and production

The core challenge was to design many websites using one core design system. Each brand with their own look and feel presented unique twists and turns at every step. We kept key stakeholders onboard and engaged with a one-approach design solution. This meant that it had to be more than a simple re-skin. It had to be fluid and the ability to portray the character of each brand.

Instil each brand with digital impetus

From refactoring icons to typographic refresh, we created a dependable design system. We set styles to be consistent and easy-to-use. Our process allowed us to design a visual language that works every time, no matter the brand. We’ve documented everything. New sites are easy to put into practice and consistency retained.

A prescription of core design values and a robust system

Design that makes customers’ healthcare easier online must deliver synergy at every step. Our efforts focused on decreasing the complexity of our design choices. Ease-of-use was our core belief. Patterns and components had evidential relationships. With focus on customers it meant users were familiar with what to do and what to expect. In the end, we crafted a living, breathing and accessible approach. Users can manage their online healthcare with pain-free ease. That’s the future of design systems.

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