Retail Launch

Designing a drive-thru builders merchant for national rollout

What do you get when you combine a drive-thru, reduced format and cut-through proposition? The BUILT/ retail experience. That’s what you get.


Making less space the greatest competitive advantage

The branch format promotes rapid walk-in purchases. It boasts a unique take on the click and collect experience. It does this to reduce time in-branch and the need for customer parking. Meaning more product in a smaller space. Everything about BUILT/ is super-efficient. This is even reflected in the daily activities of employees and how they serve customers. 

Whoever the audience, make them remember

Before our partnership, BUILT/ had conducted extensive research into their customer. The employee experience was lacking giving us ample opportunity to bring it to life. Knowing your audience means you understand what touchpoints they’ll encounter. It also lets you shape the proposition. The two experiences are intrinsic and brought to life through explainer animations.

Technology: a game-changer and an enabler

To increase the efficiency of both experiences technology was vital. It wasn’t advisable to thrust it into customers’ faces. The technology works best when it blends into the environment at BUILT/. Sometimes it helps customers and employee’s complete a task. Other times, it’s completely invisible. One example shows us that advanced picks upon customer arrival mean a speedy return to work.

Ideating on site and testing in the wild

The first branch in Aston, Birmingham, gave us ample opportunity to test ideas and iterate. By launch, the format was 80% there. By the time we started polishing the designs for the second branch, we had perfected it. With every new location BUILT/ launch, they know how and why everything works the way it does. Nothing is left to chance. Everything has a purpose.

Relevant and consistent, modular design systems which add value

We have created a cookie-cutter approach for BUILT/. Wherever they find themselves, in whatever shaped building, they know how to brand it. Their collection bays are colour coded, their signage and environmental graphics concise. The counter promotes efficiency and every journey feels complete. The aesthetic is seen around every corner, through every line and on every surface.

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