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We boast a long-term partnership with Daniel Granger Hairdressing. We evolve their brand to stay in front of the competition.

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High competition makes for high stakes

Northampton has a busy high street saturated with hair salons. Standing out is tricky with approximately 6 salons every square mile. Daniel and his team have an endearing ethos and raw drive to succeed. As brand ambassadors and television stars they have an advantage over their rivals. Being a premium high street salon has its pros and cons. Higher prices, lower overheads and a scramble for talent.

Building a brand that cuts through the proliferation of choice

Daniel prides himself on two things: customer and employee experience. Everyone that enters the salon leaves excited, pampered and educated. Daniel isn’t only about how to do the job or what to do. He believes in the why of the job. Powered by the latest technology, the salon has a sustainable source of differentiation. Constant analysis means processes and experiences improve daily. As a result, their rivals cannot match this competitive advantage.

Reducing choice across every channel

Whether via the website, Google Listings or social, we have reduced choice. Integration of iSalon and SalonSpy allows operational and strategic alignment. With analytics and purposeful SEO, we have created organic reach beyond any rival using paid means. We improve the user experience on the website with micro adjustments. Larger changes are specific to economic and cultural changes of the customer. Competitors play catch up but without the understanding why this change happens.

A multi-functional salon and retail experience

Bricks-and-mortar pose a more permanent solution. The salon is modular and has pods of specific activity. With a large open-plan space it allows for interchangeable purpose. At whim it can transform to accommodate any intended use. From the day-to-day customer centric offering to photo shoots, seminars and education. Consideration for merchandising and retail is at every turn. Specific placement encourages sales and drives revenue.

Building body confidence on the big screen

Daniel believes in building body confidence through the hair he creates. For international reach he has thrust his ethos in front of millions of viewers. He was a finalist contestant on E4’s The Great British Hairdresser. Years later he cohosted 2 seasons of E4’s Body Fixers. Going along that journey with him has allowed us to build the salon’s reputation. The salon is now an authority and has national clientele.

Award winning, time and time again

With everything we do with Daniel Granger Hairdressing one of them is winning awards. Whether it’s for the salon design, the customer experience or the hair they create. The salon is diverse and the awards they win are a testament to this. There is a core narrative throughout everything they do, win and aspire to be. Daniel may have his name above the door, but now the brand is more than a singular entity: the brand now has its own legacy.

Glue have transformed my business and now I can connect with my customers and employees all in the same way. We stand out from the crowded high street and customers come to us from far and wide. We’re on telly and our profit is showing how disruptive we are. Not too bad for a hair salon, hey.

Daniel Granger,
Managing Director, Daniel Granger Hairdressing


Increase in customer satisfaction since 2016


Awards directly won because of partnership with Glue

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