Funnel optimisation

Marketing, UX and customer experience optimisation

In a partnership with BNP Paribas and Joblogic, we have improved marketing efforts for a finance solution that aims to change the entire home improvements sector.

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Our long-term partnership started with an audit

BNP Paribas and their stakeholders made contact and in a meeting shortly after, they described their challenges. We listened and provoked thought with questions and topics they hadn’t considered before. With the right information and access, we went away and interrogated their assumptions, systems and existing customer journeys. What we returned and presented was an audit based on 3 key customer obstructions. We focussed our efforts on task completion, speed insights, legibility, performance et al. Not only did we provide them with recommendations and key takeaways, but also viable suggestions and clear case-study led representations of what their version could achieve. Insights around their customer meant the way information is communicated was high on the priority list. Before this point, members of legal had control and artistic license which produced less than desirable results.

Redefining the end-to-end experience

We conducted a discovery session, creating a strawman with BNP Paribas and low fidelity wireframes. These were tested with users and the appropriate solutions for UI, components and overall flow were locked down. In rapid time, the project came to life and a new sales and marketing funnel had come to life.

Delivering a solution that converts

Our focus for BNP Paribas was to increase finance applications via new digital means. The aim is to decrease the lead time for finance approval decisions down to hours, instead of days. The integration of legacy systems and new platforms have meant this project has many moving parts. Marketing initiatives are integral to their success. To date, the project has proved to be exactly just that. A success.

Glue is a long term partner who have assisted BNP Paribas Personal Finance UK with a broad spectrum of applied expertise in the fields of marketing, UX and customer experience optimisation. Improvements were consulted and delivered without disruption to aid the inception and initial scale of the new Home Improvement business line production. Delivery of a new market model now live with full potential, due to the customer centric and committed approach of Glue.

Aaron Jones,
Head of Business Change

In FY19, delivered significant UX enhancements to a bespoke and innovative finance solution, designed to change the landscape of the Home Improvement market in the UK forever. +102% in lead acquisition QoQ and +£1.03m in monthly lend resulting in increased funnel conversion.

In FY19, provided channel engagement and marketing consultancy resulting in an increased ROI of ~+10.6% per £1,000 spent on lead acquisition and PR activity to Sole Trader/SME business in the UK across a range of HIMP measures. Video production, journey enhancements and UX expertise with a core focus on the end customer experience.

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