Digital Tools

Selling more phone tariffs through digital

We partnered with Scoop Retail to deliver a national digital tool roll-out for three. The delivery of this project has produced a positive impact across three’s retail activities.


  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Interaction Design
  • Animation

Improving employee and customer experiences

Five years had passed since three had launched their groundbreaking store format and whilst it held up against the competition, their digital ticket experience had started to look tired. With a redesign imminent, the focus was on how it could improve the employee experience. Dynamic content needed to be clear integrating segmented pricing tiers throughout the purchase journey. HD content and video were instilled into the application delivering the best possible brand experience.

A digital services tool fit for the future

Our design has made it possible for three’s employees to close phone tariffs sales in a more efficient way. By syncing pricing to devices and retrieving real-time information at a whim, they are now better positioned and are improving on their bottom line. It’s the perfect blend of physical-digital integration and roll-out to all 62 stores throughout the UK started Q4 2018.

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