Digital Launch

The new digital landscape for tradesman

We crafted BUILT/’s user experience by understanding their audiences’ journeys. Working with their internal teams meant we realised industry leading experiences at speed.



  • User Experience
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Design System
  • User Interface
  • HTML5/CSS3

A mobile-first responsive ecommerce website

BUILT/’s entire business uses Netsuite, the world’s leading ERP solution. Their ecommerce capabilities were no different utilising the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform. Out of the box SCA is powerful, yet to meet customer expectations change was inevitable. Wireframes and a high fidelity prototype allowed us to perfect the user experience. From there, we crafted the user interface with the BUILT/ design system we had created.

In branch self-service digital kiosks

Partnering with Scoop Retail we designed a self-service digital kiosk. The kiosks are to support employees and enable customers to buy in branch. The very essence of BUILT/ is thrust into the kiosks and the aesthetic is clear and familiar with the trade. Short looping animations inform new customers of the kiosk’s use. You can find every BUILT/ product, buy anyway you want and even pay cash, card or on account.

A quote realisation app that builds customers’ baskets

Everyone uses apps. But not every app gets used. So our goal was to create an app that adds value to tradesman. With a mobile-first ecommerce website available, there was no value for another search and browse experience. So the app we designed focuses on basket building around customer’s requirements. They upload their job spec and BUILT/ employees create quotes accordingly. It saves time and makes the on demand proposition even more appealing.

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