Häfele UK and GlueHafele UK

Customer platform redesign and better data understanding


We partnered with Häfele UK to future-proof their business strategy ambitions. We completed three activities for them. We created an all-encompassing design system to provide a greater overall user experience for their users. Next, we used data and customer insights to redesign their MyHäfele portal providing users with what they really want. And lastly, to ensure our design worked as expected, we helped them better understand their customer data through customer segment reporting via Google Data Studio.

Glue is a trusted partner. Simply improving the online offer was never going to be enough in tough market conditions. The landscape changes so frequently and so rapidly but working with Glue ensured Wolseley stayed progressive in its thinking and could start to accomplish the full potential that digital must play in the future of Wolseley, and ultimately that of the customer.

Martin Girdlestone, fmr Ecommerce Director

Wolseley UK and GlueWolseley UK

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