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Making kiosks the destination tool for shoppers

Uniqlo and Glue


The Uniqlo kiosk had been around for a couple of years and needed a modern overhaul. Simplifying several areas of the UX included the start screen, checkout, and browse experience. The new start screen allows users to delve deeper into areas of the brand and catalogue with a tile system. Utilising overlays means users are never distracted from their primary focus. With only taps and swipes, users can quickly find what they’re looking for. 

Everything from the typography, layout and iconography has been simplified. The tight use of colour allows primary and secondary functions to stand out. This also means the Uniqlo brand stays consistent. Custom animated illustrations help communicate specific tasks the user needs to complete. Transitions to micro-animations have all been considered. The kiosk design is wholesome and elevates the retail experience for the customer.

Uniqlo in-store digital kiosk user interface design - Glue
A customer using the Uniqlo in-store digital kiosk - Glue

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