Wolseley UK and GlueWolseley UK

Progressive thinking for Wolseley’s digital future


Wolseley is one of the UK's largest providers of refrigeration and air-conditioning supplies. We worked with them throughout discovery workshops to define and then design their new north star and digital future. We tackled a handful of core business challenges including trade credit account opening, inventory logic, pricing model, prompts and mask, and a new checkout integration. As part of the partnership, we also provided many UX and design enhancements across the entire website ensuring that their refreshed brand was fully realised across their digital channels.

Channel revenue share

In FY19, delivered financial performance that has seen a positive increase in channel revenue share (4%) for 9 consecutive months as a result of new trading activity and continuous improvement programme

YoY growth

In FY19, posted a consistent level of YOY growth performance over the last rolling quarter: 36% LFL, 37% LFL and 30% LFL growth and tracking 36% LFL for the current FY

Glue is a trusted partner. Simply improving the online offer was never going to be enough in tough market conditions. The landscape changes so frequently and so rapidly but working with Glue ensured Wolseley stayed progressive in its thinking and could start to accomplish the full potential that digital must play in the future of Wolseley, and ultimately that of the customer.

Martin Girdlestone, fmr Ecommerce Director

Wolseley UK and GlueWolseley UK

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